Doralab® Injection for Cattle & Pigs

For the treatment and control of doramectin sensitive internal and external parasites of cattle and pigs.

Doramectin is one of the most potent mectins and is trusted as an injectable for cattle due to its high efficacy combined with safety profile. Pastoral Ag Doralab’s HDPE plastic packaging prevents breakages in the yards.


  • Wide safety margin when administered to cattle & pigs.
  • Low irritant formulation, which will minimise any potential reaction to the injection  site post administration.
  • Broad spectrum treatment for the control of gastrointestinal roundworms, lungworms, sucking lice, biting lice, cattle tick and mange mites.
  • The most reliable and accurate dosage format, which ensures animals receive the optimal dose.

Active Constituent: 10 mg/mL Doramectin

Pack sizes:

Dosing & Administration:

Use contents within 28 days of first broaching of the vial. Store upright. Discard the unused portion. Use a multi-dose syringe for multiple treatments to minimise the number of broachings.

CATTLE: 1 mL per 50 kg of bodyweight SC

PIGS: 1 mL per 33 kg (0.3 mL per 10 kg) of bodyweight IM

Administer DORALAB by subcutaneous (SC) injection (under the skin) into the neck region and preferably high up behind the ear. Use the dose rate, according to the weight of the animal, given in the table below.

Bodyweight (kg)Dose (mL)
40 – 501
51 – 751.5
76 – 1002
101 – 1503
151 – 2004
201 – 2505
251 – 3006
301 – 3507
351 – 4008
401 – 4509
451 – 50010
501 – 55011
551 – 60012
601 – 65013

Cattle in excess of 650 kg should be dosed at a rate of 1 mL per 50 kg bodyweight. A representative sample of animals should be weighed before treatment either with scales or a weighband. Dose rate to be based on the heaviest cattle in each group (bulls, cows, steers, calves, etc.). Do not underdose. Where there is a large variation in size within the group, draft into two or more lines based on bodyweight, to avoid excessive overdosing. A representative sample of animals should be weighed before treatment either with scales or a weighband.

Treatment of very young animals (less than 40 kg bodyweight) is generally not warranted.

Worm parasites may develop resistance to any anthelmintic. If this is suspected please contact your local veterinary practitioner or advise the manufacturer.

Administer DORALAB by intramuscular (IM) injection into the neck region, preferably high up behind the ear. A single treatment of 0.3 mL per 10 kg bodyweight (1 mL per 33 kg) should be given. Pigs should be weighed with either scales or a weighband. Piglets weighing 16 kg or less should be dosed in accordance with the following table:

Bodyweight (kg)Dose (mL)
5 – 70.2
8 – 100.3
11 – 130.4
14 – 160.5