Pastoral Ag Tickgard is a ready to use pour-on formulation that contains the powerful insect growth regulator (IGR), fluazuron 25g/L, which interferes with chitin synthesis of the larval stages of the cattle tick.

Controls susceptible strains of cattle tick (Boophilus microplus) & Inhibits tick development within three days. When treated with Pastoral Ag Tickgard, immature ticks are unable to molt to the next stage of their life cycle, and no larvae will hatch from eggs laid by treated females, breaking the tick lifecycle.

Active Constituent: 25 g/L Fluazuron     

Available in the following sizes: 5L, 20L

Applicator: Pastoral Ag 30ml Variable Applicator – Spray Nozzle

Withholding Periods: 

  • Meat: 42 days
  • Milk: DO NOT USE.
  • ESI: 42 days. 


Store below 30°C (room temperature). Store in original container tightly closed in a dry, cool place. Store out of direct sunlight.

Recycle containers via drumMUSTER Program 

Dosing & Administration

Apply in two bands about 7 cm wide on each side of the spine between the rump and the shoulders with a suitable applicator. Retreat when you first see ticks but not before at least 6 weeks after the previous treatment.

Maximum number of treatments per annual tick season: 3.

Animals and Pest: Beef cattle after weaning [Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) microplus]

States: QLD, NT, WA & NSW only

Bodyweight (kg)Dose (mL)
101-1509 mL
151-20012 mL
201-25015 mL
251-30018 mL
301-35021 mL
351-40024 mL
401-45027 mL
451-50030 mL
501-55033 mL
551-60036 mL
601-65039 mL

Apply 3 mL for each 50 kg above 650 kg.