Poleaxe® Sheep Drench

Oral anthelmintic for the control of organophosphate susceptible strains of mature and immature gastrointestinal roundworms in sheep and lambs.

Highly effective against most strains of Barbers Pole Worm – including strains resistant to other anthelmintics.

Active Constituent: 800 g/kg Naphthalophos (an anticholinesterase compound) 

Pack sizes:

Recycle containers via drumMUSTER Program 

Dosing & Administration:

Mixing instructions: POLE-AXE mixes readily with all types of water. Its high suspendibility ensures a consistent uniform suspension during drenching. If product is left standing, shake well before using.

Remove large cap and half fill container slowly with water. Replace cap and shake well. Then remove cap and top up with water to the fill-line shown. Replace cap and shake well for 3 minutes. POLE-AXE may be mixed with benzimidazole and levamisole based drench product under veterinary advice. POLE-AXE Sheep Drench is compatible with copper sulphate.

Bodyweight (kg)   Dose (mL)   
6 – 7.52
7.6 – 92.5
9.1 – 123
12.1 – 164
16.1 – 205
20.1 – 286.5
28.1 – 409
40.1 – 5213
52.1 – 6817
68.1 – 9022

A representative sample of animals should be weighed before treatment. Dose the mob to the heaviest animal by live weight in each group (ewes, wethers, rams, lambs).

Where there is a large variation in size within the group, dose rate should be based on the label directions for each weight range. Do not underdose. Drafting into two or more lines may be appropriate, to avoid excessive overdosing.